The flexible hoses Niagaraflex®can be manufactured on request based on specs and performances exceeding the standards. 


We can produce different kind of hoses like follows:

Niagaraflex® Wrap Cover Working Pressure 250 Bar








Niagaraflex ® Smooth Cover Working Pressure 315 Bar








Niagaraflex ® Wrap Cover Working Pressure 400 Bar








Niagaraflex ® Smooth Cover Working Pressure 420 Bar









Niagaraflex ® Wrap Cover Working Pressure 250/ 400 Bar

these hoses are high quality hydraulic hoses produced according to European and American regulations, respecting the highest specifications as for quality, resistance and durability.

They are particularly suitable for pressure washer and they have the wrapping cover


Niagaraflex ® Smooth Cover Working Pressure 315/ 420 Bar

these hoses come from 50 years of experience in producing and designing hoses according to strict market requirements. They look the same as the hoses produced in the first half of last century: they have a smooth cover which ensure a great resistance to abrasion and they are easy to be cleaned and inspected during the maintenance. They are particularly suitable for pressure washer and in general they are used in the food industry.

Niagaraflex® changes the skin

Our range of flexible hoses Niagaraflex® can be customized according to user’s requests. They can be produced in several colours and featured with the Company's logo for customer exclusive use.

For example, we can produce forest-green hydraulic hoses to be used for forestry machines or brown hoses for agricultural machines and so on.